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The Oxford House got its start in Silver Spring, Maryland in 1971. It is democratically run and self-supporting. There are no paid staff or counselors. Thousands of recovering addicts and alcoholics have lived in Oxford House since it all began. The average stay is between 12-15 months, but there is no time limit in the home as long as the resident is not drinking alcohol, using drugs, and paying the rent and their share of the house expenses. The home is self-run in that everyone pitches in. Residents share chores and house expenses. Officers are elected from among the members of the home. The faith that the other residents have in a recovering addict or alcoholic to elect them to a position of responsibility gives them confidence and a chance to step up and serve. Self-help is the bedrock of sobriety. When an addict begins their new, sober life, they need a new place, new faces, and an opportunity to create their new life. It is so simple, it works! And, it doesn’t cost taxpayers a penny. Addiction is treatable, and the Oxford House is a safe place for one start, or continue on their journey in sobriety.

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